The game about sushi I developed by my son's idea.

Sushi-master makes maki rolls by five pieces at a time, but maki rolls should be served to clients as sets of six pieces aligned straight or in rectangle. You have to slide maki by table in four directions to combine them into neat sets, so you free up space for new workpieces. Soy sauce will help if you're not coping fast enough.

Tile-matching puzzle based on mix of classical mechanics.
Bagburnian Remote
Hard sci-fi puzzle game for PC, iOS and Android. Now in development
Steam Page.

A tabletop card game about disputes.

FPAH: Foul Play Air Hockey (2016)
Player-versus-player air hockey for iPad you can play as foul as you want:
- Lead your mallet on the whole rink, not just on your side.
- Throw your mallet.
- Snatch mallet from the opponent's hand.
- Fight for the puck at the boards.
- Bring the skittle!